Pink Ribbon Program in the U.K.!

Doreen Puglisi, Founder of the Pink Ribbon Program has just returned from the U.K., having spent 10 days there training Pilates Instructors and Physiotherapists to become certified Pink Ribbon Program Instructors.

We now have 27 certified Pink Ribbon Program instructors located throughout the U.K.

“It was a wonderful experience and the Pink Ribbon Program is looking toward the future with trainings expanding into the U.K., Ireland, Denmark, Italy, and Holland.”

Mbodies Pilates and Wellness Studio instructors headed by Instructor Trainer Caroline Murray will be introducing the Pink Ribbon Program for Breast cancer survivors. Mbodies will be the first studio in the U.K. to offer The Pink Ribbon Program  with an initial 6 weeks of supervised exercise in the early post operative stage for Breast Cancer survivors it then transitions to allow continuation in the Mbodies Wellness and then standard classes.

Chris Onslow, business owner of Mbodies Training Academy will be offering continued Pink Ribbon Program Instructor certifications.  Doreen will return to the U.K. in January 2012 to conduct two additional certification trainings.

Please contact Mbodies for registration information.

Phone: 01993 517 000 or email:


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